About The Piggy Book

The Piggy Book is a great new way for kids to build financial skills, learn to value money, and save up for something special. Just as a piggy bank allows you to collect your change, The Piggy Book is where kids can save up paper money, and see all the money they’ve saved on display!

Front Cover Bright

The book has 100 pockets for bills…

Empty and Full Bright

A page for setting savings goals…

What I'm Saving Up For

A “Piggy Ledger” to keep track of deposits and withdrawals (so kids know where money comes from and where it goes!)…

Piggy Ledger

And a page with descriptions of who is on American currency!

Who is On Your Bill

The Piggy Book is both fun and educational! Kids will love seeing their money on display and counting it up. Give the gift of savings, and help kids learn valuable financial skills that will build a strong foundation for their entire life. Give the gift of The Piggy Book today!

Back Cover Bright


Thepiggybook.wordpress.com is our official blog, where you can follow all the latest news on The Piggy Book, events, special sales, and stories on financial literacy!

And you can always visit us at our main website, www.mypiggybook.com, to learn more about The Piggy Book, and order your own!


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